Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador’s team-up comes at the right time.

Love teams. You love them or you hate them, but most of the time, we love them. There have been many different celebrity love teams through the years, but some of them will be loved forever, even some that no longer exist.

In fact, as much as we hate to admit it, some of the most successful local stars right now became famous because their love teams paved the way for them. We’ve even noticed a trend of ‘finding a good love team’ for celebrities that don’t have one yet– as if the only way to prosper in showbiz is through a partner.


Just like the fresh new love team of Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador.

Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador, who both come from successful “love teams,” are forming a new tandem via the new gothic romance “The Killer Bride,” and they agree that the fresh pairing came at the right time.

This is not the first time Joshua and Janella were supposed to work together. The two were supposed to work on three projects in the past: the TV series ‘Born For You’ and ‘The Good Son,’ and the movie ‘Vince and Kath and James.’

In 2016, Joshua was supposed to be part of ‘Born For You’ as the third wheel to Janella and Elmo Magalona. However, he was pulled out of the project to do the afternoon series ‘The Greatest Love.’

While Garcia and Salvador owe their popularity, in part, to “JoshLia” and “ElNella,” respectively, the two agreed that getting paired with a different star will only benefit their careers and contribute to their growth as actors.


Joshua was previously partnered with Julia Barretto, who eventually became his girlfriend but has now broken up. Janella, on the other hand, teamed up with then-boyfriend Elmo Magalona.

How does a Joshua and Janella tandem sound to you?


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