Ogie Diaz Surprises Random People Along The Streets With Early Christmas Gifts

It’s the most lovely time of the year! As we are approaching Christmas in days. Being a Filipino and witnessing the events every Christmas, there will always be someone who will give back the blessings to other people.

Most of the people are busy for preparing gifts for their loved ones, some are excited to deliver good vibes and share blessings to people they didn’t even know.

One timely example of this is the talent manager and showbiz columnist Ogie Diaz who decided to roam around the streets and give early Christmas gifts randomly.

On his Youtube channel, he shared his vlog/video that brings good vibes yesterday, December 9.


The said video went viral and has more than 440,000 views as of this writing.

In the video, Ogie together with his staff, went to a supermarket to buy some stuffs and most of it were appliances.

Later on, Ogie then revealed that all of the things they bought will be given to random people.


Along the street, they randomly chose people who they have asked some questions. These people have no idea that they will be given a blessing.

The first one were a family riding a pedicab including the parents and their two young children. As was shared by the mother, they are ‘nangangalakal’ as their way of living and most of the time, they spent the night in their pedicab.

Ogie asked them between ‘pansaing’ and ‘isasaing.’ The man the family chose the rice. Along with the rice, there was an inspiring note in plastic bag.

The letter revealed that the real gift was cash prize worth P3000.

The second one was the lady who was in the waiting area, they made her choose between a ‘ceramic ware’ and ‘aluminum ware’ and she chose the first one.

But the lady and the people around them were shocked that the aluminum ware contains P2000 cash underneath.

Ogie, later on, let the people around to have the money by playing the game, ‘Bring Me.’


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