Bea Alonzo Reunites With Family Of Ex-Boyfriend Mico Palanca

In a very rare moment, Kapamilya actress Bea Alonzo was seen together with former boyfriend’s family Mico Palanca who recently passed away.

It seems like that Bea personally expressed her condolences to the mourning mother of Mico, Pita Revilla-Palanca.

Bea was with her Star Magic handler named Monch Novales.

Novales was also Mico’s handler back in the days when the actor was also a member under the said ABS-CBN talent management arm.


Yesterday, Thursday, November 18, Novales shared the photo of Bea together with Pita and Mico’s two sisters, Lisa and Erika.

“Love you guys,” the only caption of Novales on her Instagram story.

She also mentioned Erika, the younger sister of Mico.

On December 11, Bea first expresses her sympathy to the bereaved family by posting a deep message about comforting those people who loss someone.


She wrote, “I just want to keep still and quiet for a moment and let the universe unfold its mystery.

“My prayers go out to the ones grieving and going through tough times. Love and light.”

Mico was the first boyfriend of Bea.

Last July 2013, issued in a magazine, Bea shared that Mico courted her for four years.

They first worked with each other during the teen-oriented series titled K2BU back in 2000.

The late actor was also one of the casts where Bea was the leading star, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay (2002) and It Might Be You (2003).

Year 2006 when it was reported that the two was getting close with each other.

According to Bea, she and Mico broke up in 2008.

The actress also added that Mico’s family is very kind to her, it’s just there are things that she and Mico had disagreements.

Mico passed away at the age of 41 last December 8.

Previously, Mico was reportedly passed away but it wasn’t clear what was the real of his untimely passing.

On a follow up report, December 10, Mico’s family released their official statement about the incident and requested the public to give them privacy and let them mourn for their loss.

Mico’s sister, Erika, shared to her Instagram post last December 14 to thank all the people who expressed their condolences.

She individually thanked all their family, friends, and relatives who sent their messages and sympathy to the loving family of the actor.

At first, Erika thought that Mico was just missing.

Until their family discovered the “painful truth” after the actor’s sudden passing.

She wrote, “I both have nothing to say, yet so much at the same time. The exhaustion has just gotten to me.

“This past week has been one of the darkest we’ve had to encounter yet again as a family.

“I just want to use this little space to thank my family – siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, Gab – for being there from the minute I thought he was just missing.

“For being there when we discovered the painful truth, for keeping each of us strong.

“To my closest friends for showing up, for sending their love and prayers despite the busy/hectic season we’re all in.

“To Kuya Miko’s friends for reminding us of the great times and showing that they cared till the end.

“To everyone who extended their condolences through various networks, I’m sorry if I didn’t respond to all messages, but know that I truly appreciate it.”

Erika also thanked those people who respected their requested privacy.

As per her, no matter what happened to the last moments of her beloved brother, she was certain that Mico was a very kind person.

“To those who have respected our privacy and have been gentle in approaching us for details, thank you. We appreciate it all.

“My brother was one of the kindest souls one could encounter in this life, he was just overpowered by demons so strong, none of us could understand.

“We’re all human anyway.”

Hiling pa ni Erika, kung mayroon mang nakasamaan ng loob si Mico ay mapatawad na raw sana ito.

“I humbly ask for continued prayers, less spreading of false assumptions and videos/photos (please), and most importantly, for those who have ill feelings or mixed emotions towards him, forgive him — and forgive him wholeheartedly.”

At last, Erika acknowledged their mother Pita who remained strong despited of the loss of their family.

“Last but most importantly, I have to give it to the strongest mother on this earth, the pillar of the family (pun intended) who has gone through hell and back multiple times in this lifetime with so much grace.

“Her faith is unlike any other. Thank you, mom. Thank you, Kuya Meeks. I love you, I’ll miss you. You can rest now.


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