Remember John Wayne Sace? Here’s His Life Now

Life in showbiz industry is really not a permanent thing for some. Former celebrities that reached there stardom during their generation and has turned their table upside down is sometimes no surprise.

Many famous stars back then that left the showbusiness sometimes doomed their shines and spotlights. Well, there are always two sides of the coin. It’s either you will grow outside the showbiz or you will reach your rock bottom.


Speaking of the second one, do you still remeber John Wayne Sace? Yes, that former teen heartthrob during his times and also a former member of a boy dance group in Kapamilya Sunday variety show ASAP.

On his recent interview with Korina Sanchez in an episode of Rated K, John Wayne admitted that he used inaappropriate subtances.

He also admitted that he was onced part of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Oplan Tokhang that was executed by President Duterte in order to lessen the case of inappropriate use of medicines.

John Wayne was born on May 9, 1989 and was raised by her grandparents. He is also known for being one of the members of Star Magic.

Unknown to many, he loves his grandmother so much as he even considered her as his real mother. When the time that his grandmother passed away, John Wayne has turned into gray areas of his life and personal problem fed him up.

At the age of 28, John Wayne had his own family and far from showbiz, he spent his time jumping from one job to another just to support his family’s needs.


Until one incident happened that made his eyes widely open and became the door to restart his life. John Wayne encountered a life and another side situation so he decided to do better again for his family.

His children made him realize that he needed to change and he tried to do self rehabilitation. Korina then asked him if he is “clean” and John Wayne confidently answered that he is willing to do tests anytime.

As of now, he is trying to make amends with the rift relationship with his mother that is based in USA together with John Wayne’s siblings.

He also said that if he will be given a chance to go back in showbiz career, he will certainly do.


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