Joem Bascon’s Ex-Girlfriend Crisha Uy Finally Tells Her Side About Recent Break Up

Crisha Uy finally said her piece regarding her recent break up with the actor Joem Bascon. The 31 year old Youtube video blogger explain what went wrong with their relationship through her latest video blog this Friday, January 10.

In a more than 11-minute footage, Crisha said she had to speak to answer the questions she had received regarding her relationship coming to an end with the 33-year-old former live-in partner. Uy and Bascon has been on a relationship for 8 long years. She told it straight that Joem lost his feeling for her.


“He fell out of love.”

Crisha also said that even though they already called it quits, she don’t have any single regret about their relationship. She continued that she loved Joem so much that what they had before almost ended in marriage.

“Hindi ko ni-regret na naging kami, at hindi ko ni-regret yung eight years namin, kasi mahal ko naman siya,”

Uy also confirmed the speculations that it was Joem who initiated the break up between them.

“Ako kasi, naniniwala din ako na kapag nagbe-break, may isang nang-iiwan at iniiwan.”

“Mahirap sabihin, pero wala na tayong magagawa if he fell out of love.”
“Hindi ko naman puwedeng pilitin yung tao na hindi na ako mahal.”


She added that even though saying goodbye to Joem and their relationship really hurts, she don’t have any other option but to move on.

“Mahirap tanggapin, pero kailangan mong tanggapin.
“I don’t want to blame myself, kasi wala na tayong magagawa. That’s uncontrollable.
“Maybe we’re not just meant to be.”

Crisha also talked about the rumors that Joem is already being linked to someone only after a few months after their break up.

“Kung may minahal na siya agad pagkatapos, it’s not really my business anymore, kasi dun lang ako sa parte ng buhay niya na involved ako,” anang vlogger.

“Sa mga concerned sa akin, nagme-message sa akin, nagse-send ng photos… pero if you see him na may kasamang iba, it’s not my concern anymore.”


A few weeks after Joem confessed to the media that Crisha had been separated, news broke that she had returned to ex-girlfriend Meryll Soriano. Joem and Meryll, 37, were also celebrating New Year’s Eve at the actress’ family home.

However, until now, both Joem and Meryll have refused to confirm whether they have returned.


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