Hayi “Mamu” Cruz Shared Her New Premonition About The Taal Volcano

A Pinay clairvoyant identified as Hayi “Mamu” Cruz allegedly predicted the Taal Volcano eruption way back in 2019.

Recently, the ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ featured the story Hayi “Mamu” Cruz who claims that she could predict future events. Cruz could allegedly predict calamities to hit the country.


Mamu allegedly accurately predicted several future events such as earthquakes and other catastrophic events. She has already predicted the earthquakes in Davao and other regions in the Philippines.

One of one her premonitions, she believes that Mt. Pinatubo or Taal Volcano would erupt anytime soon. Cruz also predicted a bloody election this 2020 and believe that Mt. Pinatubo would also erupt anytime soon following Taal’s eruption.

Apparently, Hayi “Mamu” Cruz is making round again following after her new prediction for the Taal Volcano explosion that may be taking place on February 8 or intensity 8.

As to remember, Mamu predicted the earthquake that took place in Luzon in the month of April 2019. The same month she also said that Mt. Pinatubo or Taal Volcano will explode that also happened after 9 months since her prediction.

Her latest premonition that went viral and fast spread like wildfire on the internet is about the possible explosion of Taal Volcano. According to the post of Mamu on her Facebook account on January 23, she said that she enters in the spiritual realm and brought by “Marikit” (the name of the mountain fairy that whispers her about events in the future) to see what will happen of Taal Volcano.


Posted by Mamus Rare Premonitions on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

When they were already in the place Marikit brought her, she dares to ask the fairy about Taal Volcano if it’s already done and rest.


Instead of hearing an answer from Marikit, she heard another voice, a male voice who answered her question saying, wait until the month of February, you will witness the stronger explosion that would shake the world.” Mamu continued that she heard the last word number “eight” 8 that is the word answered by a male voice.

Mamu narrated that she was also in a dilemma of understanding about the number “8” mentioned by the male voice. She thinks if it is representing a month or time Taal Volcano to explode.


Is it true? What do you think?


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