Viral Post Of A Raging Mom Who Slams Her Partner Through A Facebook Post

A raging mom slammed her irresponsible partner for letting their baby girl bid her goodbye without doing anything.

A Facebook user named Madel Togonon has expressed her fury towards her irresponsible partner for allegedly doing nothing until their baby left the world.



The guy even cheated on her although their daughter is in critical condition.

Togonon wrote that she endured the hardships and understanding the unpleasant behavior of her partner identified as “Nico”.

She patiently understands Nico’s failures and mistakes just to keep their family together.

Unfortunately, their daughter “Ayah” got sick and admitted to the hospital.

The disappointed lady revealed that Nico keeps on playing online games although their baby is in critical condition.

Togonon’s post became viral. Many netizens got angry towards Nico. They even said that he’s an irresponsible father.


Apparently, Togonon post another series of screen capture photos.

According to her, Nico visited their baby in the hospital, but later on, she found out that Nico’s boss gave him two thousand pesos, an amount that they can add for their baby’s need.

But unfortunately, Nico didn’t give any amount even a single centavo to Madel. Madel also shared that she’s the one who spending on their needs at that time.

In another photo, Madel also found out that her classmate visited their baby, they even bought Nico a meal for him to eat while Madel is out for a while.

Then they also give Nico some money, a simple gesture to help them.

Unluckily, after Madel’s classmate left, Nico hurriedly left their child alone, and he even brought the money, instead of for their baby he used it for him to play Dota.


Madel then got fury, but she can’t do anything but to post it on social media.

What can you say about this?


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