Ellen Adarna’s IG Post With Some Foreign Guy Caught The Attention Of Netizens

Despite persistent rumors of their supposed separation in 2019, John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna never went on record confirming they had broken up.

The former “Home Sweetie Home” co-stars started their whirlwind romance in 2017, the same year both went on hiatus from showbiz to focus on their new family.

Rumors of their supposed separation made rounds online last year. Still, the two didn’t confirm nor deny the matter.

Apparently, John Lloyd returned to the public eye, the same goes with Ellen who started posting again in her social media accounts.


Now that Ellen is reclaiming her social media activity, it appears that she has also begun dating a new guy.

On Instagram, Adarna posted photos of her gathering with friends in Madrid.

Ellen spent some time with her friends in Spain. She also had her bonding moments with her family there.

In one of her posts in her Instagram story, she showed a photo of a guy but the face was covered.


Just recently, Ellen shared photos of handsome foreigner guys on her IG account. It was not revealed if one of them was the guy whom face was covered in her IG story before.

In her post, she tagged the photos to the IG accounts of these guys. One of them shows her in an embrace with a man whom she tagged as one Carlos Lemus.

In a separate post which shows a couple with their backs to the camera, the same account was tagged. Comments included heart emojis from Lemus.

While the other is Juan Marco Botran. The IG accounts of the handsome foreigner guys are both in private.

While she made no direct mention of Lemus as a boyfriend, their photos together, at least to Adarna’s followers, indicate a new chapter in her personal life.

Do you think he is Ellen’s new guy?


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