Regine Velasquez Received Bashing After Misspelled Kobe Bryant’s Name

Regine Velasquez has appealed for kindness when correcting someone’s mistake.

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez is making round in social media following after her misspelled name of Kobe Bryant.


Velasquez made the appeal after she misspelled the name of legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant, who bid his goodbye last Sunday (US time) in a helicopter crash.

Velasquez was one of the local celebrities who expressed shock and grief over Bryant’s passing.

Regine’s Instagram post which also accessed her Twitter account, expressed her sadness in a photo of Kobe Bryant with the caption says, “Sad day (crying emoji).”

On her original post that caught the attention of the netizens, she wrote “RIP Coby” instead of “RIP KOBE.”

She then received bashing from the netizens since the comment featured is now activated in Instagram flat form.

On her Twitter post, Regine fires back against her bashers explaining that she unintentionally misspells the name of Kobe Bryant. She also explained that she has dyslexia which is a syndrome of a person hard to spell the words.


Here’s her statement following the bashing that she received:

“I always make a mistake with spelling someone name you can correct me without embarrassing me and it’s ok. I have dyslexia I have a hard time with spelling. Please be kind again you can correct me without making me feel bad,” she quoted.

“Life is so short so use your voices to inspire people and be kind to one another,” she added.

Regine received a comment from her husband Ogie Alcasid. “I love you my honey (three heart emojis),” Ogie wrote.

Some of her fans also assured her of their love no matter what.

Here are some of their comments:


Bashers are everywhere. Please take note, everyone makes mistakes.

Do you agree with that?


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