A GrabFood driver was forced to sell 14 sealed packs of milk tea that he bought for a total of Php1,900 after his customer did not show up

There have been a lot of complaints about no-show buyers ever since the Grab Food service started. What would happen is a customer would order a ridiculous amount of food from a place—in most cases, milk tea—and would cancel the order even though the driver already paid for it. This caused the app to disable the cancel button for its food delivery service.

Things like this are frustrating for the driver as most Grab users know, the driver pays for the food when they order it at the establishment, and would only get their money back when the customer finally pays them upon the delivery.


Just like the story of a certain GrabFood driver, who forced to sell 14pcs. of milk tea worth Php.1900 after his customer didn’t show up.

A netizen who bought some of the milk tea took pity on him and posted his story on social media to raise awareness about this perennial problem with the food delivery service.

According to YouScooper Krizia de Lara, the milk tea delivery man tried to sell the cost P1,900.

“Bigyan respeto natin ‘yung mga naghahanapbuhay, mapagsilbihan lang tayo sa mga pagkain or bagay na kailangan natin,” Krizia captioned her post.

“I feel sorry for him lalo na nung sinasabi niya na luging lugi na siya at wala na siyang pang gatas,” said de Lara.


Thus, the driver swallowed his pride and sold the unclaimed milk tea to passersby so he could still have some money to use for his next customers’ orders.

As more and more things like this happen, we hope that customers will also be responsible for their actions.

Always keep in mind that these drivers are only doing their job, and if you can’t pay for it, then don’t order it.


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