Photos Of Exhausted Wuhan Doctors Sleeping On The Bench And Hospital Floors Circulated Online

The outbreak of the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) has created an alarm not just in the city of Wuhan in China but all over the world as more and more countries declare positive cases of the virus.

Wuhan City, being the epicenter of the outbreak has the most number of cases of the said virus and the city is now on a complete lockdown as announced by the Chinese government.


In the midst of this chaotic situation, doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel are the ones who play a major role.

These hardworking, dedicated professionals hardly take breaks as they spend every waking moment treating patients. So when they do find time to catch some rest, they take it any way they can get it.

Some netizens share photos of the medical staff from a hospital in China, claiming that they slept on the floor and benches with the limited rest time they had.

However, videos circulating international media appear to show severe overcrowding, with doctors busily weaving through corridors brimming with queues of sufferers, some of whom lie covered on the floor.

China’s “CCTV News” also shared photos of a portal of the doctors having rest time with a caption “They are fighting hard for us! They are fighting the virus, salute!”

Other netizens responded to the photos with grateful messages, encouraging the exhausted doctors with encouragement.


Netizens took the opportunity to remind others that they should not accept the comfort and leisure of their own life for granted.

Some also said that doctors generally lead tough lives, advising netizens to treat medical professionals with the respect they deserve even after the epidemic has passed. Without these brave doctors, mankind is imminent to the apocalypse.

Salute to all the hardworking doctors!

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