Joshua Garcia Seems To Disagree With Julia Barrettos Idea Of Closure

Julia Barretto was recently asked about her thoughts on the importance of having closure in a relationship. She said that being friends with an ex is okay with her.

In her recent interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Julia said that becoming friends with your ex is a sign that both parties already moved on.

“Yes I can. Alam mo depende naman ‘yun sa inyong dalawa eh and alam mo that’s when you know you both really moved on from each other when you’re over with that chapter in your lives, ‘yung kaya niyo ng maging magkaibigan and turn it into something beautiful,” Julia explained.

She also shared how she feels about having closure in a relationship.


“Ako kasi tito Boy, sometimes not having any closure is closure already… I don’t know, ako ‘yun eh. Why are we gonna have closure and tell each other what went wrong?” she added.

Julia’s most recent breakup was with her on-screen partner Joshua Garcia. They had been together for two years.

Apparently, Julia’s ex-boyfriend Joshua Garcia seems to disagree on her idea of closure in a relationship.

In his interview in the same show, Garcia stated that closure is important for two people who once shared something special.


“Importante sa relasyon ‘yung closure kasi doon maiintindihan ng isa’t isa na ‘yun na ‘yun, doon na ang end.”

“Dapat may malinaw kayong usapan para pagdating ng panahon, walang sisihan na mangyari. Halimbawa, magkabiruan, kasi normal ‘yun sa magbabarkada na magkabiruan na, ‘Ito nang-iwan eh.’ ‘Yung mga ganun na joke. Para alam namin sa isa’t isa na walang may kasalanan,” he explained further.

The two have said in the past that they chose to return to being “best friends” following their break up.

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