Netizen Express Their Reaction With Jessy Mendiola’s Sudden Weight Loss

Kapamilya actress Jessy Mendiola has been losing a lot of weight lately.

She once hailed as the Philippines’ sexiest woman but she too has experienced insecurity and misery when it comes to how she looks.

The actress posted a photo of her now really thin self. She has been documenting her body for a long time.

Jessy shared a series of photos of her showing her body transformation, mentioning how he reached her heaviest weight of 140lbs.


She also opened up about struggling with weight gain and weight loss through a series of photos. She also confirmed that she once suffered from bulimia.

“I was depressed and heartbroken at that time (2013) and I gained 25 lbs (3rd pic). I still kept pushing myself to work out every day. I suffered from Bulimia and B.E.D (Binge Eating Disorder), desperate to lose weight in a short period of time – from 135lbs I went down to 103lbs (4th pic),” she wrote.

She said she wanted to look “perfect,” even if this meant that she was unhappy with her lifestyle.

It was only last year when Mendiola overhauled her health and fitness regimens to positive effects. She credits the change to her coach and trainer, boyfriend Luis Manzano.


As everyone knows, Jessy Mendiola’s journey to self-love was quite tumultuous, as criticism about her body weight led to her once adopting dangerous habits.

It’s a piece of common knowledge to everyone that Jessy followed a strict diet and a regular gym schedule.

Apparently, some netizens express concern about Jessy’s sudden weight loss.

Here are some of their reactions:

“Ay grabe!!! Ikaw ganyan katawan ako parang LPG”

to chiech Jessy replied: “love naman kita 😘”

Mendiola is sharing her fitness journey to reiterate her message of loving one’s body.

Mendiola also stressed that it is important to “find what is best for you,” “accept your flaws,” and “love yourself.”

What can you say?


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