Loisa Andalio become teary-eyed when she share how Ronnie Alonte helped her through bad times

Maintaining a healthy relationship can be a struggle, especially in the showbiz industry.

Celebrities always have millions of people who are watching and waiting for their every move.

Their schedule is also always packed, they’ve become too busy to commit to a relationship.

That’s why when we see a celebrity couple’s relationship still flourishing after quite some time, it makes us believe that if they can make it work, we can, too!


One of the celebrity couples that define a relationship goal is Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte.

They are dating for three years now without losing their spark.

Just like any celebrity couple, Loisa and Ronnie also faced a ton of rumors that tried to break them apart. One of the biggest hoaxes they faced is the accusation that Loisa was having an affair, which Ronnie immediately shut down by saying that she’ll never do that to him because she’s not like that.

Recently, Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte jointly opened up about their relationship when they appeared on “Magandang Buhay”.


After being a couple for more than three years now, Andalio said there was never a time when she regretted being in a relationship with Alonte.

“Kasi si Ronnie din talaga ‘yung tumulong sa akin. Siya ‘yung kumbaga bumuo sa akin. Siya ‘yung naging tatay ko din, ‘yung parang tagapayo ko. Kasi wala akong tatay na kasama sa bahay, wala akong tatay na gumagabay. Wala akong tatay na nagsasabi sa akin. Siya ‘yung ganun sa akin,” she said with teary-eyes.

However, Alonte admitted that there came to appoint when he almost gave up on them.

While they have been through various challenges, Alonte chooses to look at these in an optimistic way.

'Pagod na ako, ayoko na': Ronnie, inalala ang mga panahong muntik na siyang sumuko sa relasyon nila ni Loisa

Ronnie: "Maraming beses na po ako na gustong sumuko…" Kung bakit raw siya patuloy na kumapit sa relasyon nila ni Loisa ALAMIN:For more UPDATES, LIKE ABS-CBN on Facebook!

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They are such a #couplegoals indeed!

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