Simon Cowell Gives Marcelito Pomoy A Negative Comment

The fate of Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy is now in the hands of the voting public after performing in front of celebrity judges and a packed room during the grand finals of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Pomoy, whose previous performances drew praise and standing ovations, performed Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson’s version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in his signature dual voices style, had the live audience cheering once again, and at least three-fourths of the judges lauding him.


The judges’ comments were mostly positive after Pomoy’s rendition of ‘Beauty And The Beast’.

Judges Howie Mandel, Alesha Dixon, and Heidi Klum got up from their seats, but the toughest judge — Simon Cowell — remained seated.

Cowell didn’t impress by Marcelito’s song choice, calling it ‘predictable’.

“You’re very nice, very talented guy got to tell you, you really, really are. And this is even better than the last performance you did — much, much better. However, if it was my choice — on a night like this — I would have done something less predictable,” Cowell said.

To which Dixon protested, “How is that predictable?” as the crowd booed Cowell

Cowell’s comments drew disapproval from the panel and audience.


“The song chosen was very safe, they are popular songs. If he has done has something out of his comfort zone at a shock to everybody – my God he has chosen that song. That could have given you another moment.” added Simon.

Cowell countered he wished Pomoy had done something outside his comfort zone.

Fans of the show are in outrage over Cowell’s lack of appreciation for Pomoy’s talent. Here are some of the most liked comments on the video.

Do Simon’s comments make us a little bit more worried about how the voters are going to view Marcelito?


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