Andi Eigenmann Latest vlog update shows how she enjoy her simple life with husband Philmar Alipayo

Celebrity mom and actress Andi Eigenmann has finally uploaded another video about her simple life in the province on her social media account.

Andi’s latest vlog update also featured her boyfriend, Philmar Alipayo and their daughter, Keliana Alohi Alipayo or baby Lilo.

In the video, Philmar could be seen catching and cooking the fish himself. Aside from this, the couple also did the famous YouTube challenge called the ‘mukbang challenge’.

Andi’s new video garnered various comments and reactions from netizens who lauded the couple for living a simple and humble life.


Here are some:

“That’s what we call happy and contented. I love that kind of lifestyle.”
“Andi is so beautiful! When one is happy, it shows. No make up necessary.”
“Andi really looks so happy and contented living with Philmar a simple life.”
“She’s my idol now. Walang kaarte arte. Nakakamiss sa province puro mga fresh kinakain.”

“I love your life and how it turned out. Your husband is so simple and I think he helps you become a better person.”


Previously, Andi moved to Baler to get away from it all and live a simple life.

As we all know, actress Andi Eigenmann moved to Siargao to get away from life’s hustle and bustle and live a more peaceful life. There at the surfing capital of the Philippines, she met champion surfer Philmar Alipayo, the father of her second child Keliana Alohi or Lilo and also the acting dad of Andi’s daughter Ellie. Andi went public with their romance late last year on social media, where netizens quickly pointed out they seem to be an odd pairing due to what onlookers called were “differences.”

She also stressed, however, that when it comes to true love, people should go beyond wealth and appearance.

Do you feel happy with Andi’s new life?


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