Mariel Padilla revealed the reason why Robin Padilla doesn’t want her to get pregnant again

The mom of two, Mariel Rodriguez admitted that her husband Robin Padilla doesn’t want her to conceive again.

Just like any other couple, Mariel and Robin wish to have a baby boy. The celebrity couple already has two daughters. The host recently gave birth to their second child last November 2019.

Apparently, Mariel Rodriguez revealed that she’s an “APAS” mother. She shared that she has to go through a lot when conceiving a boy.

APAS or antiphospholipid syndrome is an “immune system disorder characterized by excessive blood clotting and/or other complications of pregnancy”

“I inject heparin 2x a day. Is it painful? A little. Is it worth it? Definitely. I had several miscarriages and even though I tested negative for APAS my OB, Dr. Eileen Manalo (who in my book is the best ob/gyne in the country), treated me as an APAS patient and that is why I have Isabella,” the It’s Showtime host shared.


Apart from APAS, Mariel also has a polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS which means that her ovaries have cysts which can be difficult for her to be pregnant. But baby Isabella and her infant number 2 are naturally born.

“I have no fertility issues but aside from APAS I also have PCOS, I had cysts in my ovaries, I even had gestational diabetes with my other pregnancy wherein I needed to inject insulin as well.”

Her complications caused her husband Robin Padilla to worry that is why he is all right with Mariel not getting pregnant as soon as possible.

“These are the reasons why Robin doesn’t want me pregnant because I go through so much. But for me it is a small price to pay because in exchange I get to mother one of God’s greatest creation,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mariel also gave hope to other pregnant mothers or others who have difficulty conceiving too.


“So this is a message for all the women who are trying… don’t give up. One day God will bless you with His greatest gift. Believe. It may be a difficult painful journey but it will happen. Remember nothing worth having comes easy. Sending lots of baby dust your way.”


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