Loisa Andalio Gets Emotional When Ronnie Alonte Talks About Their Almost Break Up

When it comes to relationships, everything doesn’t work to the way we want it to be. Sometimes, hurdles come around us in the most unexpected way.

In an episode of Magandang Buhay where real-and-reel couple Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte guested together with Donnie Pangilinan.

They have shared their experiences through out their relationship.

Momshie Dimples, who substituted the original host, Momshie Carla asked Ronnie and Loisa if they have come to the point when they almost give up with each other.


Loisa first shared her side saying that he never regrets being with Ronnie. As she shares further, she mentioned that her boyfriend filled up her missing parts.

Growing up with no father at home, Loisa found the love and attention from her boyfriend.

On the other hand, Ronnie honestly admitted that he came to the point when he almost gave up on Loisa.

He said that they have been through a lot of hardships and they will continuously experience this through out the time.


But the young actor realizes that he can’t live without Loisa by his side.

At a point, Loisa got emotional because she shared that it is like a trauma for her to be left behind. Back on her childhood, she have witnessed how her parents part ways.

So for her, she doesn’t want to hear the word ‘hiwalay’ because all of her bitter past comes back on her mind.

However, Ronnie made it clear that he truly loves Loisa and that he would never leave her behind.


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