WATCH: Two ex-lovers cried in front of the groom after he witnessed ex-girlfriend’s wedding

In the video, a bride and her former boyfriend cry in front of the groom on their wedding, and many people said it was obvious that these two still cared for one another.

The clip shows a man on a yellow suit approaching the bride and groom, shared by AkocAne Kulitz FUN PAGE on Facebook. At first, you may think he was just a wedding guest who came to congratulate the couple, but the drama soon emerged as he cried.

He didn’t mind that the groom was just a step away and the family, guests and friends of the couple were watching. He spoke, crying to the bride. Also the bride could be seen weeping when the man spoke; though the audio could not pick up what they said.

The ex-boyfriend then appears to be putting his finger on her hand – which makes the bride cried even more. A close hug, she gave him. At this point, it was obvious that both of these two were still so in love with each other. Most netizens are confused by their reactions. After all, why would she marry somebody else if they were still so much in Love?


What is truly surprising, though, is that given the drama right next to him, the groom did not seem to get upset. Of course it was his fault that his bride cried as she yearned for another man alongside him, but the netizen-conscious people were shocked that he had treated the thing like a true gentleman.

After the former couple embraced, the groom shook the hand of the ex-boyfriend. While some people thought this could be arranged marriage because the groom didn’t get angry, the situation was still admirable.

Watch it here:


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