Alice Dixson debunks urban legend about ‘taong-ahas’ in a shopping mall

Alice Dixson, once and for all, put an end to an urban legend about a snake allegedly living in the mall.

This story has been circulating for ages but Alice tries to shed light on the minds of people who believe in the urban legend.

An undying famous Philippine urban legend rose from nowhere. It was about a half-human half-snake son of a wealthy Filipino-Chinese tycoon.

The rumor started sometime in the mid or late 1980s and sometime in the 1990s (but these dates are not absolute). It made a stir in the public and it’s still existing in the present Filipinos’ minds. Because of the legend, Filipinos avoided going to the said mall and even in other different malls. Whenever they need to go there, people avoided going to the fitting rooms.


When the said snake found a woman it likes and through a switch, the woman will drop to hole in the floor and will land directly inside its mouth.

It was also said that one of the victims was Alice Dixson and that the Gokongwei family just paid her for her silence.

Apparently, In the December 17 episode of the show hosted by Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, she brought up the popular legend by asking her guests to admit if it was them being described.

Regine had asked, “Sino sa inyo ang nakidnap daw sa isang mall, na supposedly ay kakainin ng ahas daw?”


Alice, who has long kept mum every time the issue was raised, has finally owned up to the story by lifting her placard that says “ako yun” and saying, “Supposedly, pero hindi yan totoo. Supposedly lang.”

Alice Dixson debunks urban legend about ‘taong-ahas’.

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Do you believe the story of this urban legend myth?


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