A young teacher from Singapore posted a heartbreaking message after she bid her goodbye

A young teacher pens a heartfelt message on Facebook before she bid her goodbye.

A beautiful 21-year-old art teacher in Singapore who lost her life after battling for ten months penned a heartbreaking post after knowing she would not make it.

Jesselyn Ng, listed as a National Institute of Education (NIE) teacher on her Facebook page, left people teary-eyed after seeing her post.

Jesselyn Ng has it all. Beautiful face, a loving family, and a wonderful job as an art teacher in Singapore. But at the ripe age of 21, she was diagnosed with swelling
It was not disclosed what type of swelling Jesselyn got.


She battled it with all she can but it was not enough. After 10 months of combatting swelling, she fell into a deep sleep and needed life support to make her stay alive.

Her family is also suffering and they decided that Jesselyn would be happy if they’re going to end her suffering. Even if it breaks their heart, they eventually cut the cord. Five days letter, heaven has a new angel.

After she left, her family and friends got shocked when they saw Jesselyn’s post on her Facebook.

It made them all cry.


However, it was actually her sister who did it because it was her last wish moments before she fell into a deep sleep. It was stated that it was as if in Jesselyn’s afterlife, it is her way to reach out to everyone she loves.

Jesselyn’s message indicated that she is ready to go after months in battle. She thanked everyone for everything they did for her in the most difficult time of her life, which she never got the chance to do so while she’s alive.

See her full post below:

Such a heartbreaking story.

What can you say?


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