Just In! Coleen Garcia is now pregnant to her first child with husband Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford revealed in an Instagram post that her wife Coleen Garcia is now pregnant.

Coleen Garcia recently revealed that she would love to have a child with husband Billy Crawford before turning 30 and not a day sooner.

The 27-year-old actress who spoke about her baby plans recently stated that she is not saying no to having children, but that now is not the time for it.

“It’s just that apart from work, there are a lot of personal things also that I’d like to accomplish before we move forward,” she said.


Garcia also understands the need for couples to prepare themselves fully before they start building their families.

“We just really want to be good parents and that’s what we’re preparing for. That’s why we don’t want to rush things. We want to make sure that we’re definitely mature enough, and that we’re done with our own personal issues before we actually are ready to put others’ lives ahead of our own,” she said.

But apparently, Billy Crawford happily announces n his IG account that they are becoming a parent.

And just like that, we’re going to be parents! 😁😁😁
I can’t even express the joy of this day! I’ve been waiting to scream it out to the world.
Yes! My gorgeous wife and I are having a baby!!!!!, Billy stated in his post.


He also said that they were praying for that for years.

Been praying to God for this, and for years, the answer was “not yet”. Fast forward to today, and God has blessed us in His perfect timing.

He also thanked his wife for bearing everything.

And thank you #myeverything @coleen for bearing with me cause everyone knows I’m the actual pregnant one! Hahaha you’re still sexy, gorgeous, gassy but classy 😅 I Love you so much #Mama

Congratulations Billy and Coleen!


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