Ellen Adarna quickly moves on after getting cheated by her ex

Ellen Adarna had a no-holds-barred Q&A session with her Instagram followers last Friday, May 1.

From talking about her daily activities, her morning workouts, and her recent trip to Bali, Indonesia to battle her anxiety, Adarna now talks about how she got cheated by an ex-boyfriend.

Out of boredom, Adarna started inviting her followers to ask her any question that would come to mind.

“Kasuway naka na cheatan?”(Have you been cheated on?) one follower asked.


Which Ellen directly replied, “Yes dai, nag bakasyon siya, unya nasakpan nako. So, pag uli niya sa among balay that time, wala na akong mga gamit. Wala ko mangaway niya. Wala koy pangutana. I just left. Gwapa ko!”

(Yes, he was on vacation when I discovered. So, when he came back home at that time, my things were no longer there.  I did not fight with him.  I did not ask a single question. I just left. I’m beautiful!)

She then stated that she quickly overcame that situation.

“Nagtataka yung ex ko, pag-uwi niya, asan na daw ang mga gamit ko, ayun, naka-move on na ako bago pa siya dumating sa bahay.”


Ellen also gave some love advice for women.

“So, you know, he’s not worth chasing. I never chase.

“And you shouldn’t be chasing also, you know, because you’re a woman.

“You shouldn’t be chasing because you’re a woman.

“The egg doesn’t swim to the sperm, it doesn’t work that way.

“It’s not natural.”

And just like that, the online world went nuts, leaving her followers hanging as to who this ex-boyfriend was.

So Ellen Adarna clarified that it was not John Lloyd Cruz who cheated on her.

Apparently, She is in a long-distance relationship with a foreign guy from Spain.

Do you have any idea who’s that guy cheated on Ellen?


Written by adMin

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