Ogie Diaz joyfully plays q&a portion with their house helpers

Whether we admit it or not, many of us depend on the help of our “kasambahay” to keep our homes clean and in order.

There are various celebrities that show their humbleness on how they treated their house helpers. Although the house helpers serve as servants in the house of their employer some celebrities treated them well as their family members and friends.

Just like comedian and talent manager Ogie Diaz does with their “kasambahay.”

Many netizens amazed by Ogie’s latest vlog entry.


His video shows how he treats their house helpers and how they spend their time during the enhanced community quarantine.

Ogie sets up a question and answer portion with their “kasambahay.”

In his Facebook live Ogie has a segment for his viewers, he asks some questions and the one who will answer correctly has its prize.

He gave away some cash, a token of appreciation perhaps a little help during these days.


So in his latest vlog on his YouTube channel, Ogie decided to play with their house helpers.

His question and answer portion that day is exclusively for them.

Every correct answer he gave them a hundred peso.

He introduces them one by one.

Edric, their house boy, Joy, their cook, and lastly his daughter Mira’s Yaya.

Ogie prepared thirty questions.

His rules made their “kasambahay” so excited.

His first question is how to spell the word “dustpan”, which Mira’s Yaya answered wrong.

For Joy’s question, “Ano and JOY na bumubula?” Joy dishwashing liquid is the answer but then again Joy got it wrong.

For Edric’s turn, his question is, spell the word “clorox”, which again he got it wrong.

Then their joyful game continues.

Watch the funny video below:

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