Bea Alonzo pens an emotional poem to express her reaction towards ABS-CBN forced shutdown

Bea Alonzo paid a tribute for ABS-CBN through a poem.

Bea Alonzo on Wednesday, May 6 paid tribute to her home network in a spoken-word piece posted on her Instagram page.

“Naisipan kong sumulat kagabi. Para sa dalawang dekada,” she wrote in the caption.

The post features a plain black video with text at the bottom, subtitling Alonzo’s voice as she narrates in a solemn tone. “Isang sulat para sa aking tahanan, begins the video.


She clarifies that this letter is neither a complaint nor a subliminal message of any kind, but instead an ode to the network in which she grew up.

In the piece, which runs for over 2 and a half minutes, Bea talks about her personal struggles in the industry, from the ups and downs of show business to the many times she had to prioritize work overtime with her loved ones.

May kamay na aakay sa iyo, may ilaw na laging gagabay sa iyo” said Bea.

Sino nga ba ako (Who am I)?” Bea asks and immediately concludes that while there’s a lot of things she’s unsure of, she’s sure that she’s a Kapamilya, ABS-CBN’s term for its employees, talents, and viewers.


Bea makes references to two of her most popular roles, Basha in One More Chance and Bobbie in Four Sisters and a Wedding, and says she is them and that they are the viewer, too.

“Halos dalawang dekada, kayo ang kasama. Nakilala ang sarili gamit sina Basha at Bobbie.”

In the end, she expresses her hope that the network will be able to overcome its current situation.

Iikot muli ang roleta ng buhay. ‘Di laging nasa baba. Aasang iikot muli ang roleta. Hanggang sa muli, Kapamilya.”

Bea Alonzo has been an ABS-CBN talent since she was a teenager.

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