Hard work pays off! Bea Alonzo shared a glimpse of her sophisticated house in Quezon City

After living in a condo for years, Bea Alonzo decided she wanted a bigger space.

Phylbert Angelie Ranollo Fagestrom or better known by her stage name Bea Alonzo used to live in a condo for many years. But when the Kapamilya actress turned 26, she decided to have a bigger space by moving into her 3-story Asian Contemporary house in Quezon City.

Bea worked really hard so that her dream of having a beautiful house would finally come true.

Bea knew what she wanted and was very hands-on in the design process.


Bea’s beautiful mansion is a wonderful 3-story house, with a rooftop, a front lawn, a backyard, and a swimming pool. It has a wonderful interior design with a hint of an urban luxury motif.

The living room has a relaxing ambiance, mostly the color motif was white and some earth colors to complement. Inside the kitchen were beautiful mint-green walls and white furniture accents.

The actress’ home looks grand and imposing to an outsider because of its steel gates and electrical wire fences.

Bea’s dining area looks elegant with the wooden 10-seater dining table, along with the upholstered chairs tufted with metal details bought from Origins Home Furniture, and above the dining table is a crystal chandelier from Victoria Mondiale.


Her home office was located on the ground floor and has an old-meets-new motif. The modern appliances such as the Mac desktop computer and LED TV are placed near vintage items like the manual typewriter and the phonograph, which she bought from Heima.

Bea’s luxurious bathroom can be aligned with 5-star hotel bathrooms because of its beauty.

Bea achieves total success and save a lot of investments to earn herself a reward, her sophisticated house.

Truly that hard work pays off…

What can you say?


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