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Online Shopping Experience of Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid Sparks Laughter Online

Nowadays, many of us are very fond of buying online because of its convenience for us.

Given that we are now living in a technological world, it would be easy for us to buy things even without going outside.

On the other hand, buying online is sometimes the one that we didn’t expect.

And even celebrities are vict!ms of expectation vs reality of online shopping.


Recently, Regine Velasques and Ogie Alcasid shared humurous experience of them in online shopping. Through their Instagram accounts, the couple shared funny photos of them.

The Asia’s Song Bird first posted a photo of Ogie with his tiny donut floater.

Malaki problema niya … hindi namin sure kung makakalabas siya dyan,” she wrote on her caption.

In a separate post, it seems like Ogie had no other choice but to enjoy his tiny donut floater as he can be seen in a video uploaded by his wife using his little salbabida.


“Update ko lang kayo. Nag-enjoy muna sya magpalutanglutang habang nakasuot ang salbabidang maliit. Naka alis na po sya at ngayon ay masaya nang namumuhay na walang salbabida,” Regine penned.

As Regine’s followers are enjoying with their misadventures in online shopping, she posted another photo of her husband.

She jokingly said in the caption if who would she be worried, to Ogie that almost can’t breathe with his donut floater or to the floater itself.

It turns out that Regine herself also ordered from the virtual store. As a come back, Ogie also posted a funny photo of Regine.

In the said post, Regine is holding a tiny pot expected that it is big enough to cook with.



Written by AdmiN

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