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Daughter of Wilma Doesnt Is A Future Beauty Queen!

We have already met many beautiful daughters of celebrity parents. Truly, all of them has their own way of being beautiful.

If you are fond of meeting the gorgeous daughters of celebrities, here’s another one for you.

Actress Wilma Doesnt is indeed one of the most black beauty actress in Philippine showbiz. Just like Miss Universe 3rd Runner Up Venus Raj, she is also stunning.

But do you know that Wilma has a daughter that is completely as gorgeous as her? She is Will Asiana.


Asian has this perfect dark skin, a killer smile and a lean body. These traits of her are the reasonsw hy she is perfect for the pageant world.

Actually, many would say that she might be the next Tyra Banks.

As a proud mother, Wilma uploadded a photo of her daughter on her social media wearing her prom dress.

The said photo magnetizes the attention of many netizensa nd couldn’t help but to be stunned with Asiana’s unique beauty.


“Eto naang request ninyo…hindi nasyaputol!!!!proud momma here as always…sya ang pinakamaligayang babaeka hapon!!!” Wilma wrote in the caption.

Meanwhile, netizens praised the stunning daughter of Wilma. Do you think that she will be the next Tyra Banks?


Written by AdmiN

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