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Yamyam Gucong Is Now A Small Businessman After Winning PBB

When it comes to stories of being successful, we surely heard many from different people.

It is really nice to know someone who has went through poverty in life and is now successful in life.

One of those people is Yamyam Gucong who is now living a better life.

As we are all aware of, Yamyam came from a poor family who lives in a province. Sine he was given a chance to enter the PBB house, he didn’t expect that his life will have its turning point.


He won the grand price that gives him and his family a better life. Yamyam was able to bring home a cash prize amd a house and lot.

If you are wondering what he did in his money, he invested this in a bakery that he named Yamito’s Bakeshop. This business booms in their hometown in Bohol.

Yamyam also owns a car now. What a success!

Before the shutdown of ABS-CBN, Yamyam had some of project stints.


Truly, Yamyam is a humble succesful man.


Written by AdmiN

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