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Former Model Awi Siwa Arrested For Allegedly Selling C0V!D-19 Testing Kits

With the on going rapid mass testing in the country, it is very strict not to sell testing kits illegally. Given this, one former model was arrested for doing so.

Former model and actress Awi Siwa nabbed for allegedly selling the testing kits online. It is because she doesn’t have enough documents to do so.

The said documents should be from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they are strictly prohibiting selling kits online.

On May 29, Awi was arrested for allegedly selling rapid test kits through her Facebook account.


Furthermore, there was a screenshot of a Facebook post named after Awi Siwa. The post contains, “I have access to 4 brands of rapid test kits.”

She then indicated the said four brands and if it is available.

Meanwhile, it is not clear in the report if the authorities have recovered testing kits from Awi Siwa when she was arrested.


Written by AdmiN

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