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Ellen Adarna Witty Response On Question Who Is The Real Father of His Son Elias Modesto

Ellen Adarna has been spending too much time in her social media. She has been answering questions of her fans as well as her bashers.

Recently, she made noises on social media when she had her Question and Answer portion on her Instagram. She let her followers ask her any questions they have.

Most of the questions to her were about love life, relationship and even moving on.

One of the most remarkable advise that she gave is about moving on. It is after one netizen asked her on how does she managed to move on after a break up.


Ellen then went on sharing that she only gave herself about a couple of weeks to embrace the pain and then she will move on.

She also pointed out that woman should not be chasing after boys. The actress also advised her follower to know her worth and self-love.

On the other hand, she once again came back to her social media and made another round of questions.

As knowm to her fans, Ellen is a very straight forward person when it comes to answering the questions it may be personal or controversial.


And it seems like one netizen is not convinced about the real father of Ellen’s son Elias Modesto Cruz with former partner John Lloyd Cruz.

The netizen asked who is this he real father of Elias. The actress then answered with all her wit, “I was conceived by the power of the holy spirit.”

Meanwhile, this sparks laughter to many of her followers as he turns a intriguing question to a funny one.


Written by AdmiN

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