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Anne Curtis Want Baby Dahlia Amelié Learns Ilocano From Her Grandmother

Upon watching your kid growing up, you also want them to learn something from you or from their grandparents.

Some stuffs like cooking, baking, or even a dialect. In Filipino setting, aside from learning the language of Filipino, most parents also wantt o teach their kids their dialect.

And just like other moms, Anne Curtis also want to teach baby Dahlia Amélie how to speak Ilocano.

Ilocano is the dialect of the peoplr living in Ilocos province. It is where the actress’ mom Carmen.


With this, Anne asked her mom to speak in Ilocano while Dahlia is listening to her to get her familiarize as early as now.

In an Instagram story she shared, Anne uploaded a short clip where mommy Carmen is speaking in Ilocano.

“I hope Dahlia Amelie is able to speak ilocano like her lola... she didn’t teach me..Kaya I’m asking her to speak to her apo as early as now para she’s familiar with it na,” Anne wrote.

In her another story, she wrote again, “The only word I understand from what she said is nagpintas 😂”


Anne together with Erwan, Dahlia and mommy Carmen are still in Melbourne, Australia.

Both Anne ans Erwan have been active in social media sharing moments with their daughter.


Written by AdmiN

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