Arci Muñoz recent video of her military training gain mixed reactions from netizens

Arci Muñoz shares some video clips while she’s on her military training.

Arci Muñoz began her journey as an Army reservist by taking her first training session under the Philippine Air Force on Independence Day last Friday, June 12.

According to her Instagram post, Arci is the first female actress in her generation who is going through the Basic Citizen Military Training under the Philippine Air Force.

She also encourages other women to enlist for military training.


“Maligayang Araw ng Kasarinlan mahal kong pilipinas! [Philippine flag emoji] Ngayon araw din ang aking unang pisikal na pagsasanay bilang kaunaunahang [b]abae sa aking henerasyon at propesyon na sumasailalim sa #philippineairforce reservist BCMT- Basic Citizen Military Training,” she said in her Instagram post on the same day.

The actress also included photos of herself in military uniform and a face mask while standing in front of the Philippine flag to commemorate the national holiday. Muñoz then encouraged her fellow women to also enlist in the army and assured the public of her commitment as a reservist.

And just recently, Arci share some video clips showing how she cope up with her military training.

“This Yoon Se Ri don’t need no Captain Ri… di joke lang!! Catch me Oppa!!!!! Plssssssssss!!!!!” she stated on her caption.


As we all know Arci is a big fan of K-pop and obviously there she based her caption.

The video shows how brave the actress is.

Arci can be seen slowing down in a rope, as a part of her training.

Many netizens and even her co-celebrities express their reaction towards Arci’s video.

“Pinaka magandang Sundalo sa balat ng lupa!” Bianca Lapus said.

“Naks naman!! Bagay na bagay eh maduduling mga sundalo dyan tyak” Rossana Roces commented.

Watch the clip below:

What can you say?


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