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James Yap Is His Kids Own ‘Yaya’ In Italy Amid Quarantine

Taking care of your children and watching them grow is totally one of the greatest feeling of every parent.

As reality speaks, not all parents are lucky enough to personally take care of their child as many of them need to go to work.

So it would really be a blessing for some if they are able to watch after their kids and make some living at the same time.

This might be the feeling of this PBA star who has been really hands on with his kids recently.


Actually, this star is none other than James Yap who has been really hands on with his kids.

It is after he is temporarily out of basketball leagues as the pandemic approaches. With this, he and his wife also wasn’t able to have a nanny to watch after their kids.

Since the lockkdown, James together with his family has been staying their quarantine in Ravenna. A province in Italy where it is 4 hours drive from capital city, Rome.

According to James, the life their is slowly getting back to normal. He shared that you can go outside without even wearing a mask.


But you still need one upon entering stores, shops, and other facilities.

If a policeman will caught you without a facemask inside a store or any establishment, it will cost you 300 euros to pay the bail.

It is roughly $350 and more than 17,000 in Philippine peso.

Meanwhile, you can check out their family photos on his Instagram.


Written by aDMiN

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