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Celebrity couple Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones decided to give away their furniture while doing 200 sessions of spring cleaning

Jericho Rosales and his wife Kim Jones made themselves busy by cleaning their house during the quarantine.

Since winning the title of “Mr. Pogi” in 1996, Jericho Rosales has grown before the eyes of millions of Filipinos. Today, aside from being a full-fledged actor, Echo is also a noted singer, established businessman, and loving husband, among other real-life roles he plays.

Along with being committed to his craft and personal life, he manages to live a meaningful, well-balanced life.

Now with years of experience under his belt, Jericho sets his sights on the next chapter of his life.


Having contributed so much in the local showbiz industry, Echo finds solace in spending most of his free time at home with his family.

Just recently, Jericho Rosales and his wife Kim Jones found joy in decluttering their home during this quarantine.

Although same as most house makeovers, this requires a lot of work, Jericho says it was gratifying.

“Akala mo wala kang magagawa, hindi ka magiging busy kasi nagka-lockdown.


“Then doon mo ma-ri-realize… nandoon pala iyong bahay mo, ang rami mong lilinisin,” the Kapamilya actor said.

His wife has a background in interior architecture.

They spend the lockdown to re-arrange their home and do 200 sessions of spring cleaning.

“So if you get to visit the house, makikita mo wala na kaming gamit dito.

“Pinamigay na namin, dinispose na namin lahat.

“I only have a few pair of shirts. Wala na kaming halos gamit sa living room,” he quipped.

For the furniture pieces that no longer spark joy, the couple decided to hand them over to some members of their families and friends.

During the Love From Home press-conJericho said that one of his favorite spots in their modern abode is their relaxing pool.

What can you say?


Written by AdmiN

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