Jake Zyrus Opens Up About His Regrets In Life

Jake Zyrus recently opened up about his regrets in decisions in his life. This was when he was interviewed through digital press conference.

The conference was held to promote his latest project, a documentary titled Jake and Charice.

To look back, Jake was used to be known as Charice Pempengco.

As known to her fans, Charice brought her name not only in the local settings but also in international. As a matter of fact, Charice had the chance to meet Oprah and Ellen Degeneres.


She was also has even featured in Glee through the song Telephone.

Charice was also the pure Filipina singer who had the one in a billion chance to have a collaboration with Iyaz.

The success and fame of Charice Pempengco is indeed remarkable and a big opportunity.

However, Charice decided to be Jake Zyrus back in 2013 when he made the revelation.


Since then, his used to be shinning career journey, had its dim.

But it seems like Jake didn’t regret all of his decisions in life. He rather called it as his “best decision ever.”

According to Jake, he may can’t count all his mistakes but one thing is for sure, and that is he was able to turn this into something good and beautiful.

So many regrets... siguro po noong hindi ko pa nare-realize na ‘yung regrets na ‘yun will turn into something beautiful. Kasi ‘di ba sometimes in our life parang masasabi mo na ‘I regret doing this’ but siyempre the more na marami akong na experience sa buhay ko, the more na realize ko na those regrets happen, I’m glad na those pain and regrets happpened because doon ko rin na realize kung ano ba ako, kung sino ba ako, kung ano ang magagawa ko in the future,” he quipped.

He also added that if he didn’t go with his wring decisions, he wouldn’t be where he is now.


Written by AdmiN

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