Dawn Zulueta Laughs Off on a Comment of a netizen mentioning Agot Isidro on her bike photo

Dawn Zulueta laughs off the comment of fan linking her bike photo to issues of Agot Isidro and Jinkee Pacquiao.

Dawn Zulueta recently shared a photo of her strolling around with her bicycle.

A  netizen teased Dawn of being in a “basher” mode.

In the latest Instagram post of Dawn, a netizen tried being a basher of the actress on social media and even mentioned the name of Agot Isidro.


The netizen said: “Konting sensitivity naman po ma’am Dawn. Hindi lahat po tayo ay nakakalabas ng bahay at hindi lahat tayo ay may ganyang kagandang kutis. Kapag nakita po ‘yan ni Agot, naku po.”

“Hahahaha char ganito pala feeling ng basher mo mama. Nakakakilabot,” the netizen added.

The actress responded to the netizen and said: “Ang killjoy, ‘di ba”

“Pero ‘wag na natin isama si Agot sa usapan. Natawa lang ako sa ‘basher’ mode,” she added.


Previously making rounds online are the luxurious and expensive bikes of Jinkee Pacquiao which earned critical comments from Agot Isidro.

With the wealth of Pacquiao, it surely is undeniable that they can afford to buy a €9,150 or Php 700,000.00 worth of bicycle. However, it was seemingly just given to her for she thanked someone named Hermie Esguerra for it.

She is no doubt so fond of collecting things from luxurious brands. Also, Jinkee trended on social media before for her Louis Vuitton silk pajama and luxe slippers to match her home outfits. And through a Tweet, as Jinkee posted her bikes, she called out for a bit of sensitivity and with the hashtag #nouveau.

Later on, the camp of Jinkee issued a statement and the Pacquiao family’s business manager pointed out how Jinkee and Manny were able to help many Filipinos.

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Written by AdmiN

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