Meet Lovi Poe’s equally gorgeous and stunning sister Yellie

Lovi Poe’s sister is now catching the attention of many netizens.

We cannot help but mesmerize on the beauty of Rowena Moran, mother of Lovi, and her younger sister, Mariel Tung.

Lovi Poe started showbiz in the year 2014 but little did we know that two of the closest women to her heart are also equally gorgeous like her. We also noticed how closely-knit these women are.

They have so many photos while enjoying each other’s company. Rowena, their mom, is indeed ageless. She was a commercial model and a former actress. No wonder she was the lucky lady to win the heart of FPJ.


Lovi Poe has made her name in the showbiz business through her acting and magnificence which individuals acknowledge a great deal. She featured on a few movies and network shows where her character has been momentous, and she is eminent consistently.

Another piece of her life is that she is a cherishing sister who regularly offers time to her more youthful kin.

Meet Yellie.

Mariel “Yela” Tung was found through the photographs transferred by Lovi Poe on her internet based life record, and you will see that they are truly close, and at whatever point Lovi visits them in San Francisco, they never neglect to archive their holding by taking photographs together. Also, due to the immense accessibility of the web and we can follow individuals through the web another data was found of Yela.


Who might have suspected that this magnificence who looks energetic is as of now a mother to a child? In spite of as of now being a mother, she could keep up her great body and you would never botch her on being a mother. His adorable child’s name is Frankie.

Beuty runs in their blood indeed!

Do you agree?


Written by AdmiN

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