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Daiana Menezes continue her battle against can’cer, shares her journey through IG post

Brazilian actress-model Daiana Menezes revealed that she has Stage 2B breast can’cer which she knew since 2018.

When she turned 30 two years ago, she noticed something different in her body.

“I felt a lump or, I’d say, ‘cyst’ on my right breast, and thought it was very small,” she said in one of her interviews.

Because of that, she opted to undergo an ultrasound. “They couldn’t find it, and yet, I insisted. I put my arm down and they saw a weird-looking cyst,” she said. Then, she was told to have a biopsy but her series of shows in Dubai hindered her to do that immediately.



Menezes shared can’cer statistics in the United States and ways on how to deal with can’cer through her Instagram post last Saturday, Oct. 2.

“I know most of the world stopped this year worried with this horrendous pandemic, but it’s not the only issue we have to deal with this 2020, there are 1.8 million NEW CANCER CASES and 606,520 CANCER D3’ATHS IN 2020 just in [the] USA,” she said.

She offered some tips on how to battle the Big C. One is by always getting a check-up or by doing research and self-examination. Another is by paying attention to diet, stress, sleep, and relationships, by exercising and avoiding certain foods, and getting lots of vitamin C.

“But most importantly, pray,” she said.


Menezes also told fans and followers to feel free to ask her anything: “I’ll leave a link on the bio of my profile for this month where you can watch me, my surgery, and my can’cer journey.”

It was a dark time, but she emerged unafraid and came out stronger.

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Daiana Menezes ibinahagi ang patuloy niyang pakikipaglaban sa CAN'CER!

Hindi matatawaran ang kaseksihan ni Daiana Menezes sa mga post niya sa Instagram.

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