Man Who Can’t Read And Write Insulted By Their Barangay Officials For Putting ‘Hepanget’ On His Quarantine Pass

In this world full of educated people, it is sad when educated ones degrade those people who didn’t afford to be one.

Sadly, there are still people who were privileged enough to attain their education but still doesn’t have the right manners.

This was proven when a man who is no-read, no-write was insulted by unknown officials who released his quarantine pass.

One Facebook netizen posted the experience of her uncle who doesn’t know how to read.


Maricar Cruz Sevilla took to her social media and shared what happened to her uncle. According to the netizen, her uncle who can’t read get his quarantine pass. Little did he know, that the pass was given to him is full of insults.

Along with the post is the photo of his uncle and the quarantine pass. The said pass reads, “Barangay Backliner Gorio Capule Paril”

There was also written “Kobe-24” in the quarantine pass. But what’s more irritating is the word “Hepanget” under his name. They also made the man signed his name written, “Kobe Panget.”

This is really sad and irritating at the same time. Many netizens got mad with what these people have done. It is not clear who did this but they are surely an official because the only one who can give quarantine pass are government officials.


This post of Maricar immediately went viral and many netizens have tagged Raffy Tulfo In Action. In a separate post, she said that her uncle doesn’t want to make it a bigger issue.

Sobrang daming taong mapagsamantala ngayon. Porket hindi nakakabasa yung tao ganto bibigay nyong qurantine pass. Kundi…

Posted by Maricar Cruz Sevilla on Saturday, October 3, 2020

As painful for them to just let this pass and move forward, many are saying that they should punish the one responsible for this.


Written by aDMiN

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