Angillyn Gorens Clarified That Finding A New Love Isn’t Her Priority After Break Up With Buboy Villar

Angillyn Gorens and Buboy Villar have now separated ways. This was the heartbreaking recent news we have heard.

The former couple Angillyn and Buboy are now just co-parenting to their two children.

According to Angillyn, the decision was mutual. They already broken up a couple of years ago but they tried to save their relationship. Sadly, it just didn’t worked out between them.

Angillyn and Buboy are still in good terms right now specially when it comes to being parents to their two children who are both still young.


In the said statement, the mom also explains why their children are with her parents. It is because Buboy have been very busy on his career and his mom are also taking care of other children.

So they decided to bring the kids to Angillyn’s parents for better guidance for their babies.

At first, it wasn’t clear why the two ended up with this situation. But later on, Angillyn cleared that there was no fight happened between them.

“Walang away po na naganap.


“Dumating po sa point na sobrang busy po naming dalawa at wala na po talaga oras para makapag-usap.”

There was also a point where they both had to work hard for Vlanz Karollyn and George Michael.

When asked if she has any plans of looking forward for a new relationship, Angillyn said that it is not her priority right now.

“Sa totoo lang, wala pa po sa isip ko yun.

“Kasi po, work po talaga ang focus ko pati sa mga anak ko. Sobrang buhay ko po sila,” she said.

The American citizen also said that she is okay if Buboy will find a new girlfriend because it is up to him and it is his decision. But she said that she knows Buboy also prioritizes their children.

Ito ang tugon ni Angillyn Gorens nang tanungin kung ano ang dahilan ng hiwalayan nila ni Buboy Villar.

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