Bea Alonzo Recalls ‘Budol Moment’ With Real Life Bestfriend Enchong Dee

Bea Alonzo uploaded a new video on her Youtube channel. This time, she was with her friend as her guest and content.

In a recent vlog she uploaded, Bea was with Enchong Dee as they are celebrating their 10 years as real life friends.

As obvious, both Bea and Enchong are in showbiz industry. They had a breakfast at tue actress’ place and had the chance to talk about their friendship.

They started to recall how their friendship actually began. According to the awarded actress, she and Enchong get along together because they are the same and different at the same time.


“It’s because we’re both driven. And that somehow we complement each other. Like I’m less aggressive than you are when it comes to like pursuing your dreams. But in both ways, we both get everything done. But we have different methods. Tingnan mo, in different ways we are so similar but at the same time, we’re opposites,” Bea said.

This was then supported by Enchong and said that their friendship started in the teleserye Magkaribal where they both starred.

“Ewan ko kung you would agree with me. Nag-start lang ‘to sa ‘Magkaribal.’ ‘Yung talagang deep friendship natin,” Enchong said.

Bea then recalled how Enchong ‘took advantage’ of her when the actor convinced her to sell her 1 year old Starex Limousine at only Php 1 Million. A brand new of that car roughly costs Php3-4 Million.


“May party dito sa bahay. Mahilig kasi ako mag-entertain. So may pa-dinner ako dito sa bahay. And then nalasing ako. Lasing na lasing ako. Nag-take advantage siya. Kasi magpapalit ako ng kotse nu’n. Sabi niya, ‘Ibenta mo na ‘yung Starex Limousine mo.’ Ako naman ‘oo naman ipakuha mo na ‘yan diyan. Hindi ko alam binenta niya ng 1 million na isang taon lang ng kotse.”

What’s more funny is that Bea just woke up with Php1 million deposited on her bank already and her car was being pulled out.

“Tapos the following day, hindi pa ako gising, naka-deposit na ‘yung one million sa account ko. Pinipick-up na daw ‘yung kotse ko. Sabi ng nanay ko, bakit mo binenta ng napakababa nu’ng kotse?”

Meanwhile, Bea has been doing donation drive for her non-beneficiary organization, I AM HOPE.


Written by AdmiN

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