Certified “PlanTita”! Aubrey Miles reveal her most expensive plant worth 300 thousand pesos

You’d have to be living under a rock if you didn’t know that plants are all the rage right now.

It turns out that the truly plant-obsessed are willing to shell out this much.

Just like Aubrey Miles.

Even before the C0’VID-19 pandemic hit, Aubrey Miles was already a certified-plantita. Back in 2018, she was already showing how big and small plants can transform a home into a relaxing space. Now, the actress and mom of three shares she is caring for more than a hundred plant species in her collection — and she even bought a greenhouse for them!


In an interview, Aubrey reveals that her first-ever plant — a ZZ plant — was bought in Quezon City Circle. She shares that her collection kept growing because plants made her happy.

Of course, she can’t help but have favorites. One of her most precious plants is a Monstera, which has been with her for nine years.

Miles was initially hesitant to mention the price of her most expensive plant, but she eventually gave in and revealed that she spent a whopping P300,000 to get it.

“Oh my God, the most expensive one is the… Nakakahiyang sabihin,” she said. “You know sometimes when they ask me, parang I feel like they think I’m crazy or insane to pay that much.”


“Probably the most is P300,000,” she admitted. “Yes, it’s crazy. Then some are like P100,000, P150,000.”

Miles said she makes sure to get the most bang for her buck by propagating her expensive plants.

“Propagation is when you cut them and then you grow. So I sell some of them to get my money [back],” she explained.

To those who are curious about which of her plants is worth P300,000, Miles said it is called the variegated billietiae.


What can you say?


Written by AdmiN

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