Jars With Hairs and Teeth Believed To Be Witchcraft Stuffs Found By A Hunter

Do you believe in witchcrafts and other superstitious beliefs? It’s pretty sure that most of us already heard stories about them and it is all creepy.

Our grandparents used to tell us stories involving witchcrafts that said to be real up to this days. But what’s more mind blowing when we find some evidences that can linked to their stories.

As creepy as it may sound, but someone unexpectedly dug up jars that have hairs and teeth inside it which are believed to be witchcrafts stuffs.

One bartender who is also an Avid Relic Hunter named Shane Mears has dug up a bottle jar with strands of hair and teeth inside it. It looked like that someone stored it with a water that becomes dirty through time.


The 53-year-old man was trying to dig up around the New Orleans to find antic things and stuffs in different places. To his surprise, he unexpectedly found this creepy jar.

Of course, he got curious so he posted it online asking everyone what they think about the said jar.

This gained a lot of reactions and elicited different opinions from the netizens. Some are saying that he should put it back on where he found it as it may bring bad luck.

While some are suggesting to just throw it away and don’t mind what’s inside. The jar is estimated came from 1800s and during that time, witchcrafts are yet to be discovered so some concluded that it would be impossible that it has something to do with spells or witches.


Meanwhile, it is still not clear where did it come from or whose hair and teeth were inside the jar bottle.


Written by AdmiN

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