Alice Dixson stuns netizens over her bare faced photos at the beach

The adage, “Age is just a number,” rings true for Alice Dixson.

She wowed her followers over the weekend with bare-faced selfies at the beach.

“I don’t feel 51,” Dixson wrote on Instagram, sharing photos of her tanning session. “On my closeup, you can see my freckles and sunspots coming out.”

In another set of photos, she donned a chartreuse swimsuit and a flower in her hair, writing in the caption, “no makeup, no filter.”


Her outfit also showed off her fit physique — the result of her fitness regimen and diet which she has been chronicling through her vlogs.

On her widely followed social media accounts, the “Dyesebel” actress has been advocating lifestyle choices that benefit both physical and mental health.

Alice said that her secret to her seemingly ageless look is simply a healthy lifestyle.

“Avoid alcohol, junk food, and fatty food,” she said, adding that “thinking only happy thoughts” also helps.


Recently, Alice treated her fans to a virtual tour around her Boracay home through a vlog post.

While she admitted to being reluctant to the idea before, the actress finally decided to give a tour of her home since her viewers have been requesting it for “a few years now.”

Dixson also noted that she splits her time between Boracay and Manila, as seen in the video on her YouTube channel.

She first showed the garage, which also serves as the receiving area, with a white van parked inside it. However, Dixson pointed out that she does not use cars on the island often.  She instead uses a motorbike, citing that it is how the locals get around the island.

Watch her vlog below:

At the age of 51, undeniably Alice is still as gorgeous as before.

Do you agree?


Written by AdmiN

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