Billy Crawford As A Hands On Dad: “Tinupad ko na ang pangarap ni Kuya Germs, ‘Walang tulugan!’”

Billy Crawford is a very hands on dad to his baby boy Amari Jaden.

As seen on his social media, the first time dad couldn’t help but to stay 24/7 with his baby boy. Billy is such a proud dad and very loving husband to Coleen as well.

Seeing his Instagram feed, you will see what a perfect father could be. Of course, daddy Billy also needs to work for his family.

Actually, Billy is now having his singing game show in Kapatid Network, TV5. He will be hosting and playing at the same time.


The said program is titled ‘The Masked Singer’ which originated from Korea. Billy will host the game and he will also be guessing.

“I’m most excited to hear their voices and try to guess at the same time, pero nae-excite akong tanggalin ‘yung mascara?” he said.

He explained the game a bit, “Alam mo ‘yun para malaman ko na kung sino? Pero kawawa sila kasi sila ‘yung talo kapag tinanggalan ng mascarra.”

Billy is excited and thrilled at the same time because this time, he will also play the game while hosting.


When asked about how does he feel being a father and a husband to his wife Colee, he jokingly said,

“It’s completely different kasi ngayon tinupad ko na ang pangarap ni Kuya Germs, ‘walang tulugan.’ So, dire-diretso na wala akong tulog.”

Newborns are totally a lot of work to do at first but Billy said that baby Amari Jaden is a huge blessing for him and Coleen so it is all worth it.

The proud and loving father even said that whenever he sees Amari, all of his sacrifices are worth it.


Written by aDMiN

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