A Bride and single mother from Thailand became emotional after her groom did this to her daughter

When a woman with a child wants to marry again, there’s a lot of things to consider.

Most women in such a situation will always think twice if the man she’s about to tie the knot with will accept not only her but also her child.

A single mother in Thailand became lucky enough to find a man who truly loves her and her daughter.

The guy even made a romantic surprise during their wedding which greatly moved the bride and the people present.


After her first husband left them, Thongprakob, became the mother and father of her daughter.

Later, he met a nice guy whom she slowly develops feelings with.

They eventually became a couple and after a while, decided to tie the knot.

At the wedding, the groom unveiled a huge surprise for the mother and daughter.


On the stage, he suddenly kneels on one knee and asked the young girl for her mother’s hand.

He also made a vow to take care of them especially her like she’s one of his own.

The mother standing next to them was moved to tears by the surprise.

Happiness also became evident on the daughter’s face as she smiled at him.

Even the guests at present were moved and cannot help but cry by the warm atmosphere.

The groom also paid his respects to Thongprakob’s parents for their blessing and promise to take care of the two for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, Thongprakob shared that she didn’t know his plans from the beginning.

She thanked her now-husband for the very special preparation and making their wedding very unforgettable.

For the single moms out there who are looking for a partner, yes, you do deserve love again, but please make sure this person genuinely loves you and your child.


Written by aDMiN

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