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Andi Eigenmann Has No Regrets Choosing Simple Life Over Life In The City

Andi Eigenmann is now a very proud mom to her two daughters.

As we all know, Andi gave up her career and luxurious life in the city to live a peaceful life in the beautiful island of Siargao.

She became the most looked up to former celebrity for being a simple even that she has all the access to live a luxurious life.

Actually, Andi mentioned it on one of her vlogs saying, “Living simply is very important to me. It’s basically what changed my life and made it better.”


On the other hand, she clarified that “not being materialistic” doesn’t mean not having the things. But instead appreciating of what you already have.

This value of her is also the lesson she wants to engrave for Ellie and Lilo, as well as their coming baby number 3.

As a good mother she is, Andi wants to be the personal example for her daughters.

“It’s  about raising them to learn how to be grateful and appreciative, and you know, to find happiness in experiences, in other people, and in themselves.”


Andi went on to share that she always expresses her feelings on hoe much she wanted to be a better person for herself. This is not only for her but as well as well to be a good example for her daughters.

She also said with all honesty that she used to be so materialistic back then. Andi admitted that it became her “retail therapy.”

Now that Andi is more matured and responsible as ever, she is making everyone proud of her.

Indeed, Andi Eigenmann will be a perfect mother for her children.


Written by AdmiN

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