Ogie Diaz Clarified That Raffy Tulfo Didn’t Earned Much On Michelle-Tekla Issue In Youtube

Ogie Diaz expalined the rumored earned money of Raffy Tulfo in the issue of Super Tekla and Michelle Lhor Bana-ag.

To those who don’t know, Ogie Diaz is actually the talent manager of Raffy Tulfo.

The rumored money which said to be more than 9 million pesos because of the million views of each episode, has been denied by Ogie.

In a Youtube vlog he uploaded in his channel, Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update he opened up about the circulating estimated earned money of Tulfo.


However, this didn’t happened for a certain reason. Explaining that his talent didn’t earned that much much due to some reason.

According to Ogie, someone tapped him and said that Raffy might earned a huge amount of money on that case.

To end that discussion, the comedian explained, “Just to let you know, ‘yun pong mga videos na ‘yun ay na-red flag. Ibig sabihin, na-dilaw o na-red, kapag na-red walang pumapasok na ads. ‘Pag po dilaw, limited lang ‘yung ads na pumapasok. So ang hina rin ng daloy ng ads. ‘Yun po ‘yung naranasan ng Michelle-Tekla series.”

He then explained that the videos of Michelle explaining some sensitive issues caused the videos to have a red flag from Youtube.


When told by the rumored 9.1 million pesos earnings, Ogie disclosed, Naku, hindi po totoo. Hindi siya masyadong kumita doon.”

Moreover, Ogie also defended that Raffy said that they are really uploading videos of the live episodes of their program.

This is after many are saying that they only aired this because one celebrity is involved.

Nevertheless, Raffy didn’t earned that much like many assumed, as per his talent manager Ogie Diaz.


Written by AdmiN

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