Super Tekla walks out on Donita Nose while filming their vlog

Super Tekla suddenly walks out because of Donita Nose.

Super Tekla and Donita Nose’s new episode of their YouTube vlog caught the attention of the online community.

Donita Nose and Super Tekla, also known as Donekla, recently proved how well they know each other as friends.

As we all know, Super Tekla has been through a lot recently. Despite the strong allegations and accusations of his now ex live-in partner, Donita still stays with Tekla’s side.


Super Tekla even compared his life situation back then as a hopeless person with only life support. He believes that God used Donita and gave him a ray of hope.

On the other hand, Donita has been vocal helping Tekla to get out of his bad habits in life.

They are the best examples of what friendship should be.

Netizens also praised the two comedians for their genuine friendship.


Many netizens even lauded Donita Nose for being a great friend to Tekla. He was called
“Pambansang Beshy”

As Tekla’s issue collides, he’s now busy doing content for their vlog, together with Donita Nose.

And just recently, for their latest vlog update, Tekla pulled a prank on Donita.

Their new vlog episode on YouTube is both intense and laugh-out-loud funny.

Tekla tried to prank Donita by pretending to get mad at him while they were filming their new vlog episode.

He acted like he was furious at Donita after the latter repeatedly slammed his head on the water in the swimming pool they were in. Tekla cursed at Donita and walked out of the filming.

Donita seemed to get shocked at Tekla’s furious reaction but later figured out that he was just pranking him.

What can you say? Does their video lighten up your day?


Written by AdmiN

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